RD Garage Services - Diesel Particulate filter cleaning
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Diesel Particulate filters

02 Feb Diesel Particulate filters

Diesel Particulate filter cleaning saving £1000’s over the cost of replacement.

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. They are now used on almost all modern diesel engines to remove harmful particulates in diesel exhaust fumes. Sadly these particulates can end up blocking the exhaust if the vehicles onboard computer cannot perform something called regeneration. A regeneration is where the onboard computer gets the exhaust very hot and burns the particulate out of the exhaust turning it into ash. A regeneration normally occurs without the driver noticing, however if the car cannot get the exhaust hot enough, for instance if the car is driven on short journeys, then a regeneration cannot be performed and the warning lights come on the dash board. If this is left too long then the filter can become too block to perform a regeneration as the heat created to regenerate it can cause the car to catch fire.

We are now able to offer a diesel particulate filter cleaning service which can save over £1000 on the cost of replacement. The service includes a cleaner and a conditioner to the Diesel particulate filter which takes it from being completely blocked to completely clear and back to a serviceable item. As part of the service we remove and clean the EGR valve and air flap motor to clean them to prevent the diesel particulate filter blocking too quickly.

A recent example is we did a VW Passat 2.0TDi which had the Diesel Particulate filter light on and the glow plug light flashing. After diagnosing a blocked Diesel particulate filter we found that it was 150% full. Once it is 60% full regeneration is unable to be performed as there is so much heat produced that there is a risk of the car catching fire. We performed a DPF clean and then added a conditioning chemical, cleaned the EGR valve and air flap motor and carried out a filter regeneration. Once this was performed the diesel particulate filter was 0% full and this saved the customer £1500 over the cost of a new Diesel Particulate filter.