RD Garage Services - Audi Q5
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Audi Q5

31 Jan Audi Q5

We have been getting a lot of Audi Q5’s through the workshop recently, mostly for service work.

Before we started working on these cars I would have said I’m not a fan of a medium size SUV. They Just make no sense as a family car, Vast on the outside and small on the inside. However having spent the last year really getting to know them I have become a real fan.

They won’t fit quite as much family rubbish in as a Skoda superb, but the only thing bigger than that is a long wheel base VW transporter van!

Once you’re through the first year of having children most of the big bulky rubbish disappears and you just need room for the buggy anyway.

They are such a nice place to be and the smaller size means the running costs pence compared to the Q7.

With fixed price servicing from £95 the Q5 might just be the next purchase!